5 Amazing ideas to make a small room look spacious

by Nilesh Rastogi

Posted on 13 April 2017, 7:14 am |    View (311)

Minimal Furniture

It’s always suggested not to crowd your room, instead keep your furniture minimal. Huge sofa and beds should be ignored if you have a small room. Furniture with high legs are recommended as it does not block the light and makes your room inviting.

Lighter Shades for Walls and Floors

Lighter Shades reflects the lights making the room look brighter while darker shades absorbs light making your room look cozy. Interior designers uses all white color walls and furniture, adding a variety of color with flashy and vibrant bed sheets, pillows, cushions and curtains. Lighter shades and hues are considered to be the cardinal room while painting your room to make it look bigger.

Height Illusion

Hang your curtains high and let it touch the ground. It gives visual height to the ceiling and make the window look much bigger than it actually is.

Proper Placement

Place the furniture at the edges of the room but keep ample space between the furniture and wall. This makes the movement in the room much easier and make it spacious. It’s important that you plan the furniture placement. Placing a piece of a furniture in an angle surrounded by open space will also make the room look bigger.

Multifunctional Furniture

If you have a small room, it’s ideal to invest in multifunctional furnitures. A bed with storage space, combination of desk and cabinet, modular multifunctional sofa, side table lounge bed, etc are some of the examples of modern day multifunctional furniture which not only will save space but also looks trendy.


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