Trevor's Second Hand Furniture - Furniture Revolution in United Kingdom

by Nilesh Rastogi

Posted on 20 March 2017, 8:59 am |    View (585)

Trevor’s Second Hand Furniture is a classified website where you can buy or sell your furniture. It’s a first ever furniture revolution in UK which minimizes the effort of buying and selling furnitures.

Overview and Motive

UK’s furniture Industry is considered “substantial” yet an “un-organized” sector. UK is considered to be one of the most popular destination in terms manufacturing trendy furniture. The production and consumption of furniture is increasing in an alarming rate UK. Trevor’s Second Hand Furniture is all set to meet the expectations of the consumers and manufacturers and to introduce a new revolution in the Furniture and Interior Market.

What is is a classified platform, where we connect consumers to sellers and manufacturers. Individuals who want to sell used furnitures, Retail Sellers and manufacturers use the platform to sell and grow their business whereas it also offers buyers from all over the country to use this platform for buying the most idle furniture for their home or office. Furniture is the basic need of every homes for decades. Trevor’s Second Hand Furniture is a one stop solution for all your furniture needs.


Though surrounded by crowd throughout the day, our Home is our last destination. Trevor’s Second Hand Furniture has helped many people to build their dream home. We stand out from other classified websites because we are entirely dedicated to furnitures and interiors. With just one click you can browse variety of products, while sitting in your home and in your own convenience. Our support team is available 24/7 to solve all your queries and also if you have any problems regarding posting your free ad.

Sell Your Old Used Furniture

Get rid of all your used furniture by listing them on the website and get the best possible price for your old furniture. You can get the advantage of our wide and large community and target millions of people those who are interested in buying furniture. You can add pictures and details of your furniture which will make it easier for the buyers to understand and make decision.

Click Here to Sell Your Used Furniture

Buy New Furniture

Select from a wide variety of furniture and interiors products from all over UK at one single platform. Trevor’s Second Hand Furniture has all the necessary features which will help you buy the furniture. You can directly contact and chat with the seller for your requirement without paying any commission to any third party website or middleman.


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